Our mission

Quality and inclusivity. The two most important words we keep in mind with every decision we make about the business.
We want to create luxury pieces for you. Everyone has the right to know what luxury feels like and is. That's why we strive to create amazing quality jewelry for a fair price. A price were you pay for the quality and not for the name. We don't do those ridiculous markups. 

So we hope, that when you are wearing your luxury Vanilla jewelry and you are looking at yourself in the mirror,  you feel confident and beautiful. And the best thing is you can wear your pieces non stop all day- everyday. Even at the gym or the swimming pool. You do not have to worry about how long you already wore your earrings because you are afraid they will turn copper and green. 

If you want to know more about our materials and quality click here.

Inclusivity is not only about the price and quality. But also about YOU. We want to create a safe space, the sera collections family, were everyone can be themselves. So no matter what skin color, what age or what believe you have we hope you feel the love and confidence we think you deserve. 

As a small business we want to take advantage of this time to build relationships with our customers as you are the heart of Vanilla. We hope that when you purchase from us , it's an experience and not just a transaction.

We would love to hear your input about everything. Please send us an DM or E-mail. 




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