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We also have a small collection 14k gold plated jewelry beside our standard collection stainless steel jewelry. The gold plated collection is still of good quality but you just need to take a little bit more care of them. 


What is 14k gold plated ?
These pieces are made of a metal for example copper and then dipped in a layer of 14k gold. 

Do they discolor or make your skin green? 
This depends on several things: 
1. The thickness of the golden layer. The thickness is indicated as micron. We for example use 2 micron. 
2. The PH value of the skin. If you have a higher PH value the chance of discoloration is higher than somebody with a lower ph value.


What things should I pay attention to ?
- Only wear your pieces when necessary. Take them off during swimming/showering/sleeping etc. 
- Avoid contact with chemicals for example: daycream , perfume.  
- Avoid long exposure in the sun. This can lighten the color. 
- Keep them in the velvet zoldout bag you get with every order. To prevent them from scratching.