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Elevate your style with our exquisite necklace collection, featuring timeless designs crafted to accentuate your natural beauty.

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Necklace Perfect ImperfectionsNecklace Perfect Imperfections
Necklace TwistedNecklace Twisted
Necklace Twisted Sale price€16,99
Necklace Smiley ( +3 options )Necklace Smiley ( +3 options )
Necklace FloraNecklace Flora
Necklace Flora Sale price€15,99
Sold outNecklace SamiraNecklace Samira
Necklace Samira Sale price€15,99
Necklace MulberryNecklace Mulberry
Necklace Mulberry Sale price€21,93
Necklace FigaroNecklace Figaro
Necklace Figaro Sale price€15,99
Necklace ChampagneNecklace Champagne
Necklace Champagne Sale price€16,99
Necklace YvonneNecklace Yvonne
Necklace Yvonne Sale price€17,40
Necklace ZivaNecklace Ziva
Necklace Ziva Sale price€17,99
Necklace SnakeNecklace Snake
Necklace Snake Sale price€14,99
Necklace BraveNecklace Brave
Necklace Brave Sale price€16,99
Necklace Basic ChainNecklace Basic Chain
Necklace Basic Chain Sale price€24,78
Necklace Sparkle. ( +2 options )Necklace Sparkle. ( +2 options )
Necklace CubanNecklace Cuban
Necklace Cuban Sale price€29,99
Necklace CrossNecklace Cross
Necklace Cross Sale price€14,99
Necklace EverydayNecklace Everyday
Necklace Everyday Sale price€14,25
Necklace NaomiNecklace Naomi
Necklace Naomi Sale price€16,99
Necklace JURANecklace JURA
Necklace JURA Sale price€15,25
Necklace Moodswing
Necklace Moodswing Sale price€15,99
Necklace Long Chain
Necklace Long Chain Sale price€14,99
Necklace BellaNecklace Bella
Necklace Bella Sale price€19,78
Necklace DreamNecklace Dream
Necklace Dream Sale price€16,99
Necklace Braid
Necklace Braid Sale price€16,99
Necklace DaintyNecklace Dainty
Necklace Dainty Sale price€15,99
Necklace BoldNecklace Bold
Necklace Bold Sale price€17,25
Necklace BabygirlNecklace Babygirl
Necklace Babygirl Sale price€24,95