We are a female owned brand based in the Netherlands. I Zoe, the owner of Será Collections, always had a passion for jewelry & accessoires because I believe it really gives that sparkle to an outfit, and because of that I felt more confident and ready to take over the world.

We are formerly known as zoldout.This is the name I picked when I first started the business in 2019. After that I took a break and didn't do anything with the business because the name wasn`t really speaking to me anymore. Then I came up with a new name: Será Collections. The name stemps from the phrase "que sera sera" meaning: what will be, will be. Será [ se-rah] means 'will be' and that immediatly spoke to me because not do I like the power in the name it also goes togheter with what I as a person believe in but also what the brand stands for. 


Será Collections stands for women empowerment and positivity. Believing in our selfs and feeling confident as a unique woman. And we feel that that's the biggest power we as individuals have. As a small business, we want to take advantage of this time to build relationships with our customers as you are the heart of Será Collections. We hope that when you purchase from us , it's an experience not just a transaction

We want to give back to the people and the world. That is why we are really focused on making everything as ECO friendly and recyclable as possible ! Read more about this in our blog. 


We find it very important that you babes really are involved in our business. Let us know what we can do/make better by sending us a dm/email etc. Because we want to do the best we can for all of you and the world! 


Zoe - owner and founder of Será Collections.