Let´s talk about our waterpoof jewelry

All our jewelry is water and sweat proof. But what does that mean you may think? Well let us explain to you  ! After long search of the most durable materials we came with 2 winners : 316L stainless steel or titanium steel with a 10X more durable gold coating. 

But what is 316L stainless steel and titanium steel ?

316L Stainless steel is a long durable material that has a high corrosion resistance. It contains less carbon than other types of stainless steel.


Titanium is a also a long durable metal and has an even higher corrosion resistance. 




What is that 10x more durable coating ?

Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, is a vacuum coating process that produces a beautiful thick ,durable and shiny finish. PVD coatings are 10x thicker than a regular gold plating.

What are the benefits and why do we love it so much?

- Durable and scratch resistant 
- Less likely to cause allergies!  
- Non tarnish and no colour fading. 

We don't dissapoint you!

That's the difference between you and them. 


Lasts 3-5 years.


Lasts up to 3-5 months.